Monday, 7 October 2013

Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

Dog aggression is poorly understood and often very badly managed - Barrie specialises in providing focused training activity in this area.

Legal Work

(Specifically aggression assessment and expert witness). Often perfectly friendly dogs are destroyed due to an incident that is not understood and not the dogs fault. Barrie has acted on behalf of a number of such dogs, providing assessment and acting as an expert witness in such cases - if you find yourself in such circumstances contact me without delay - it could save your pets life.

Guard Dog Training;

Training dogs to provide protection or guard activities commences with selecting the right dog and involves training both the dog and the handler to work as a team - Barrie has extensive experience and is happy to provide a complete end-to-end service in this area.

Animal Husbandry

Coaching the owner/trainer/handler in; Grooming, feeding, first aid and general care of their dog. Note "When in doubt, get the vet out" (Veterinary advice, must be sought at all times).

Walk & Train;

If required Barrie will, walk and train your dog while you are away or at work - this service is not a regular dog walking service but an enhanced obedience exercise. The walk and train usually takes 2 to 3 hours where the dog will get the benefit of 75% of obedience interspersed with 25% of freedom run around, on or off the lead.

Bespoke Services

For the discerning customer.
In addition to the standard, prescribed, training route Barrie is happy to conduct a variety of tailored services to suit your needs (subject to agreement).

Step 3: Group Training & Pack Orientation

Orientate and harmonise your pet with other dogs or train group display activities.
Barrie has had extensive experience in training a team of dogs, large or small, in the art of display and obedience similar to that performed by the military dog display teams seen at The Royal Tournament. This is great way to truly harmonise your dog with other dogs and a fun way to train and bond with your pet. This discipline requires the total commitment of all concerned as a tremendous amount of organisation is needed to bring this to fruition. All enquiries for this service should be discussed with Barrie.