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Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

Dog aggression is poorly understood and often very badly managed - Barrie specialises in providing focused training activity in this area.

Legal Work

(Specifically aggression assessment and expert witness). Often perfectly friendly dogs are destroyed due to an incident that is not understood and not the dogs fault. Barrie has acted on behalf of a number of such dogs, providing assessment and acting as an expert witness in such cases - if you find yourself in such circumstances contact me without delay - it could save your pets life.

Guard Dog Training;

Training dogs to provide protection or guard activities commences with selecting the right dog and involves training both the dog and the handler to work as a team - Barrie has extensive experience and is happy to provide a complete end-to-end service in this area.

Animal Husbandry

Coaching the owner/trainer/handler in; Grooming, feeding, first aid and general care of their dog. Note "When in doubt, get the vet out" (Veterinary advice, must be sought at all times).

Walk & Train;

If required Barrie will, walk and train your dog while you are away or at work - this service is not a regular dog walking service but an enhanced obedience exercise. The walk and train usually takes 2 to 3 hours where the dog will get the benefit of 75% of obedience interspersed with 25% of freedom run around, on or off the lead.

Bespoke Services

For the discerning customer.
In addition to the standard, prescribed, training route Barrie is happy to conduct a variety of tailored services to suit your needs (subject to agreement).

Step 3: Group Training & Pack Orientation

Orientate and harmonise your pet with other dogs or train group display activities.
Barrie has had extensive experience in training a team of dogs, large or small, in the art of display and obedience similar to that performed by the military dog display teams seen at The Royal Tournament. This is great way to truly harmonise your dog with other dogs and a fun way to train and bond with your pet. This discipline requires the total commitment of all concerned as a tremendous amount of organisation is needed to bring this to fruition. All enquiries for this service should be discussed with Barrie.

Step 2: Structured Training & Skills Development.

Hands on, focussed training activity to meet your needs.
Following the initial assessment Barrie will work with you and your dog to achieve your desired results. Most behavioural issues require only a few focussed sessions in order to achieve the desired results and give you, the owner, the techniques and confidence to develop your pet into an obedient and enjoyable companion.
Under this service Barrie is also happy to help you develop or refine specific show or competition skills for your dog.

Step 1: Home Visit

The backbone of all behavioural problems & solutions.
Barrie will conduct an initial 1 - 3 hour visit at your home in order to get to know you, your dog and the issues that concern you. This includes hands on assessment, and, corrective activities where required.
Well over 50% of all training needs can be addressed in just this initial session. However, where significant issues exist, or, where you are seeking focused skills or behavioural training, this initial review will form the basis of an agreed plan of activities as in STEP TWO.
Barrie has acted as a trainer and advisor to a well known local accredited security company. Company details supplied upon official request.
Barrie's enthusiasm and success has come from his love of his work and a real desire to repair the breakdown in the relationships experienced between pets and their owners, he thrives on problem dogs, "The bigger the problem the greater the satisfaction."
Barrie joined The Royal Army Veterinary Corps in 1960 where he attended the War Dog Training School at Melton Mowbray. During his time there his training included, Guard, Security, Red Cross, Mine Detection and Tracker dogs. He quickly established himself as a certificated Dog Trainer. Barrie later took up a position in the Veterinary Hospital as a dresser (now known as a veterinary nurse) at Melton Mowbray, Aldershot and Cyprus. He was later posted to The War Dog Training School in BOAR Germany. Barrie has been training dogs on and off for the last 40 years.
Barrie has acted as Expert Witness in defence of various dogs, accused of being aggressive, as of date all cases defended successfully.
Barrie. D. Davey is a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, who loves his work, and gets great satisfaction from client's positive feed back.
Barrie's philosophy is "To train dogs effectively, you must, train people first." He therefore focuses his initial energies on truly understanding the root cause of the behavioural issues involved, so, the dog and human behaviour can be understood and harmonised.
After leaving school Barrie signed on with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, where he was trained first as a dog handler and then later as a dog trainer, serving in Germany and Cyprus. He became a vital member of the RAVC dog display team in England and Germany.
Barrie has accumulated many pieces of wisdom during his years working with dogs, but two of his favourite phrases are "Mother Nature knows best" and "let sleeping dog lay."
Barrie says his first foray into animal training came at the age of six: "I tried to train the family's Christmas dinner - a cockerel! to lay eggs."
Soon after he moved on to Bambi, the family's tabby cat, trying to persuade it to jump from one upturned saucepan to another.
At eight he was packed off to boarding school where he kept a menagerie of worms, frogs and toads in his gym locker. He also managed to capture a stoat on the boys' garden allotments but it didn't stay around for long: "The smell of old gym socks and shoes was too much for him," says Barrie.
BARRIE DAVEY has been working with dogs for some 40 years, most of which have been spent on the Island.
He describes his approach as a cross between "Dog Borstal" and "The Horse Whisperer", believing that it his remit to give dog owners the wherewithal - or the "reins" as he puts it - to get better control of and respect from their charges.
Barrie’s training philosophy centres on building understanding and training people first, (training you to train your dog), this includes:-
  • Communication How to give and read body language, how to interpret and use eye contact.
  • Association How to interact safely with other dog’s their owners, trainers & handlers.
  • Obedience Words of command, Basic control techniques using both vocal and hand signals.
  • Trust & Confidence Giving you confidence to trust your dog when letting him/her run free for the first time.
  • Socialisation Giving you support to train your dog to socialise with other dogs, adults and children.
  • Hands On Barrie believes in a hands-on approach, and, is more than willing to demonstrate the methods used to control your dog to a high level of compliance and obedience.
  • Animal Husbandry Grooming, feeding, first aid and general welfare. Note "When in doubt, get the vet out" (Veterinary advice, must be sought at all times).
This approach helps to build owner confidence and establish a bond between owner and pet, before your dog will want to work for you he must first respect you.
Barrie offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit your individual needs either in group classes, or for those who prefer, one to one support is offered.
Barrie. D. Davey. is a fully insured, professional Behaviourist and Dog Trainer, with 40 years experience.
Based on the Isle of Wight; Covering Portsmouth, Gosport & Southsea. Hampshire & the South Coast of the UK.