Monday, 7 October 2013

Barrie’s training philosophy centres on building understanding and training people first, (training you to train your dog), this includes:-
  • Communication How to give and read body language, how to interpret and use eye contact.
  • Association How to interact safely with other dog’s their owners, trainers & handlers.
  • Obedience Words of command, Basic control techniques using both vocal and hand signals.
  • Trust & Confidence Giving you confidence to trust your dog when letting him/her run free for the first time.
  • Socialisation Giving you support to train your dog to socialise with other dogs, adults and children.
  • Hands On Barrie believes in a hands-on approach, and, is more than willing to demonstrate the methods used to control your dog to a high level of compliance and obedience.
  • Animal Husbandry Grooming, feeding, first aid and general welfare. Note "When in doubt, get the vet out" (Veterinary advice, must be sought at all times).
This approach helps to build owner confidence and establish a bond between owner and pet, before your dog will want to work for you he must first respect you.

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